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Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Promotions
Frequently Asked Questions

What does each box of roses include?
A dozen roses are packaged in special gift boxes with decorative greenery and a free packet of flower preservative. Care instructions are provided with each dozen for maximum performance.
Are the roses fresh?
The roses are picked fresh at the greenhouse and packaged just before shipment to you.
Are the roses inexpensive because they are of lesser quality?
These are the same top quality roses that you would expect to find in a full service florist shop.
Why are the roses so inexpensive?
We are able to provide the roses at a very low cost because of volume buying and low overhead costs.
What if we don't make our sales goal? Do we have to ‘eat’ the difference?
We package exactly the number of roses you ask for one week before your delivery date. There is no reason to be ‘stuck’ with extra roses. There is no risk!
Can we arrange to have roses delivered for Valentine’s Day?
We are not able to provide these roses during that holiday. Rose prices fluctuate with demand, and it is not possible to provide the roses at these low prices during that time. You can still have great success selling roses anytime of the year. Primarily, people buy the roses to support your organization.
What color are the roses?
In order to provide these roses at such a low price, we can not specify what colors of roses you will receive. Most of the roses will be red. You may also find yellow, pink, lavender, white and multi-colored roses.
How long will the roses keep?
Roses are a perishable product. We rush the roses from the greenhouse to you. For maximum performance of these roses it is important that you deliver to the end user as soon as possible, and encourage them to place the roses in water according to the care instructions provided.
How do I get the roses?
Our price is based on fob Hillsboro, Oregon. We can arrange transportation for you. Many clubs arrange their own transportation. We have shipped these roses by truck, train and air around the corner and across the country.

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