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Fundraising with roses
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Motivate your sales force.

  • Kick off your fund-raising campaign six weeks prior to your rose delivery date. Stress the importance of the success of your fund raiser.
  • Encourage not only the club member, but their families, friends and employees to help with sales.
  • Divide your club’s membership into teams. Recruit team captains. This will help your organize as well as boosting sales. Encourage friendly competition between the teams. Offer prizes to the top selling fund-raising teams as well as the top selling individual.
  • Don’t be afraid to set a goal that seems fantastic. Many groups have individual members that sell over 300 dozen roses. Groups that sell roses annually tend to improve every year.
  • Stress the importance of every member’s participation. "Many hands make light work."
  • If you have a club member that cannot sell roses, encourage their participation by suggesting they help with delivery or distribution of the roses.
  • Have fun! Keep it positive and enjoy your fund raiser!

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